Demo: Green Dragon

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Blender UV unwrapping test image

A UV test image can show how well the UV is unwrapped. As you can see, the UV is currently not unwrapped very well: the squares of the image vary in size greatly. Blender can generate its own test images internally.

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Character modelling: texture painting

To judge where to paint the markings on the texture map, the schema could be applied as a texture using Blender. Due to the schema's directional nature, a simple projection might be sufficient. Will try with the profile view.

Update: I didn't end up doing this, but found it helpful to paint a rough guide to the dragon's markings using Blender's texture painting tool. I could then export the unwrapped UV with rough markings to be properly painted in a painting app.

Painting rough markings directly onto the 3D as a texturing guide.

The markings appear on the UV texture image.

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