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Memory management

[01/03/14 14:25]

  • ResMan parses JSON and puts meshVertices into newMesh.
  • ModelNode's job to create and copy them to VBO (on init) and transfer to device.
  • ModelNode removes them from device when destructed.
  • ModelNode sends VBO to renderer.
  • ResMan: HDD -> Host
  • SceneGraph: Host -> Device

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Resource Identification

[27/02/14 20:50]

Implementing map of shared_ptrs for Mesh objects in ResMan.

Using simple name for ID. A game with many meshes would probably have a system of unique IDs, but not a live database as that would be too slow. A DB for the editor, maybe, which generates a unique ID for each asset.

Memory management

[27/02/14 20:51]

System of memory:
HDD -> Host -> Device

i.e. As a rule ResMan draws from HDD and stores meshes in Host memory then ModelNodes load it to GL buffers.

This stuff can be considered part of the caching process.

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