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IK Constraints

[24/04/14 14:49]

Right, the IK is good enough for the model. Making test bind pose with basic "neck" armature in a curved pose like the eventual dragon model. A few constraints should make its movement look natural even without rotation.

To Blender!

Current state of IK

Update: rotation works now.

[24/04/14 16:29]

Constraints for each joint should be defined relative to their parent joint, but how should they be defined in particular? The current IK solver doesn't allow "roll" motion for the joints, but each joint still has yaw and pitch rotation. Each joint could therefore specify a bounds, for example: yaw_max, yaw_min, pitch_max, pitch_max.

In the phoxtrace (Update: now "CharSim") IK solver, each frame the best incremental rotation is calculated for each joint in the form of a quaternion based on an axis and rotation. It may be necessary to convert the ...

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Bibliography ideas and ticklist

Animation blending and layering seems to be a good bet for merging dragon with premade Blender animation. Not sure about skeletons and IK, though. Skeletons are sort of covered in Game Engine Architecture, and animation blending in Real-Time Rendering. There doesn't seem to be a whole lot in terms of books on game animation.

Here's one: Computer Animation, Second Edition: Algorithms and Techniques

Read Rick Parent's e-book.

GPU Pro and ShaderX books by Wolfgang, maybe. Check Nvidia's GPU Gems first, though.

Code bibliography can be found here.

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Early ideas (part 2)

Do raytracer first in order to learn ray casting and matrices, etc. Can then implement GI method on top of OpenGL stuff. Need to learn how to use OpenGL objects with CUDA anyway.

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