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Exception handling

[06/03/14 15:50]

Seeing if one can catch multiple exceptions from GameLoop when initing GameWorld. It should pass both File and Shader errors. Otherwise what is the point of try/catch as opposed to integer/boolean error codes returned by functions?

Could have one try statement in main(). Would this work?

It works!

No boolean/integer error checking now: just throws caught by an Exceptions class inheriting from std::exception.

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Exception handling: C++ STL

Attempt to create an inherited exceptions class... the advantage seems to be that you can lump everything into one std::exception catch and use try throughout.

[29/01/14 20:53]

OK, done an exception thingy. Should use templates to allow C-style strings and other things.

[29/01/14 20:54]

Wait, no I don't, I can just use overloading...

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