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Rook1 (the template for this site) is complete, whew. I've enjoyed getting back into a bit of visual web programming. HTML5 wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be and makes things simpler. I decided not to use the new layout tag labels (section, article, etc) for compatibility reasons, but because the theme is based on another Pelican/Jinja2 theme, some may appear. I will have to decide whether to go all one way or the other.

I could use the HTML5 Shim, but I really want this website to not require any JavaScript.

This blog is currently hosted on a Raspberry Pi webserver (note to hackers: it's actually hosted on a highly secure colocated virtualised server - I wish) running Raspbian (a Debian GNU/Linux-based distro for the RPi ARM architecture) which I am using as a testbed for server and network projects.

Update (2014-10-08)

I ...

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Introduction to CharSim


As part of "Real-Time Global Illumination in a Hybrid Distributed Environment" I looked into the possibility of running games and other interactive animated simulations with global illumination (i.e. physically-based lighting techniques generated using raytracing techniques). The paper compares two different kinds of distributed computing system which would provide the necessary computing power to display raytraced graphics at speeds suitable for gameplay: Shared-memory distributed systems, such as General Computing on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU), and distributed-memory systems, such as Beowulf clusters and cloud architectures.

I then determined a method in which the two types of distributed system might be combined to create a hybrid distributed system and created an MPICH C++ program to simulate packet distribution.

One interesting research project I covered in the literature review used an OpenGL-based game engine as a base, and determined a way to use OpenGL texture buffers to store raytraced information in order ...

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