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Platform decisions

OpenGL viewing pipeline

Why did I decide to do it in Linux as opposed to VS2010? CUDA+GL should be fine in VS. Is it desirable...

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Early ideas (part 1)

CUDA-based illumination

A hybrid renderer would be best for maximum speed, i.e. OpenGL rasterisation with deferred rendering for photon mapping (for example) and specular phenomena.

Must look at:

  • How CUDA interprets OpenGL vertices and how they can be mapped with a texture.
  • How is normal vector interpolation achieved for GLSL/HLSL phong shading? It must be the same as the CUDA version.

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Introduction to CharSim


As part of "Real-Time Global Illumination in a Hybrid Distributed Environment" I looked into the possibility of running games and other interactive animated simulations with global illumination (i.e. physically-based lighting techniques generated using raytracing techniques). The paper compares two different kinds of distributed computing system which would provide the necessary computing power to display raytraced graphics at speeds suitable for gameplay: Shared-memory distributed systems, such as General Computing on Graphics Processing Units (GPGPU), and distributed-memory systems, such as Beowulf clusters and cloud architectures.

I then determined a method in which the two types of distributed system might be combined to create a hybrid distributed system and created an MPICH C++ program to simulate packet distribution.

One interesting research project I covered in the literature review used an OpenGL-based game engine as a base, and determined a way to use OpenGL texture buffers to store raytraced information in order ...

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