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Collision detection: Armature-curve alignment (for Bézier curve-based IK method)

Hang on, if the quadratic equation is used on a finite line which doesn't completely go through the sphere (partial intersection)... how many roots will there be? I will calculate a test case by hand. Obviously the quadratic equation will product two roots, but a way of discerning the physically realistic roots would be useful.

Also, what to do if the sphere really does go through a joint twice? Simple:
The value returned by the quadratic equation is the parameter (is it normalised?). The value closest to unity will represent a point further along the curve segment.

[10/05/14 11:00]

Testing partial intersection by calculating roots between a finite line and a circle and graphing the results.

Conjecture: the root most suitable to represent the parameter t along the line will exist in the range [0, 1].

Intersections between a line of finite length and a circle ...

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Demo environment ticklist ideas

Looking at collision detection in GL: want to know how much geometry is needed for intersection testing, and how much is provided by GL.

Also looking at shadow maps. Creating buffers would be the key to CUDA integration.

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