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New animated model format: COLLADA

RapidXML anyone?

[13/04/14 14:54]

Coded XML interpreter. Just need to extract animation pose matrices and turn them into quaternions and positions for keyframe interpolation.

Converting matrix to quaternion using GLM:

glm::quat new_quat = glm::toQuat(bone_mat2);

[13/04/14 16:11]

For simplicity, multiple COLLADA model files can be used for different animations. Still using JSON files for vertices, normals and UV information, but ResMan should at some point be able to gather everything solely from one COLLADA file.

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Honing in on demo visualisation idea

Idea: make dragon head for interactive WebGL website title screen.

Inverse Kinematics (IK) would be useful for interactive movement of the dragon's head and neck, and I have always wanted to look at IK.

COLLADA could be used to export and import Blender model with bones.

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