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Rook1 (the template for this site) is complete, whew. I've enjoyed getting back into a bit of visual web programming. HTML5 wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be and makes things simpler. I decided not to use the new layout tag labels (section, article, etc) for compatibility reasons, but because the theme is based on another Pelican/Jinja2 theme, some may appear. I will have to decide whether to go all one way or the other.

I could use the HTML5 Shim, but I really want this website to not require any JavaScript.

This blog is currently hosted on a Raspberry Pi webserver (note to hackers: it's actually hosted on a highly secure colocated virtualised server - I wish) running Raspbian (a Debian GNU/Linux-based distro for the RPi ARM architecture) which I am using as a testbed for server and network projects.

Update (2014-10-08)

I ...

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