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Character rigging: vertex weight painting

The weight of each vertex in a vertex group defines how much it is influenced by the bone associated with that group.

Armature weight painting successfully completed. Testing to see if updated mesh and armature works in game environment.

Not using Three.js Blender exporter's Morph Animation option, which generates 100+ MB files. Just going to create a mesh for each shape key (i.e. blink, mouth open), which can then be blended with the basis mesh by the game engine.

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Rough UV mapping test

Checking if UV painting guides work on mouth key morphing shapes.

Works a charm. A nicer and higher-res texture should be painted on top of the guide. The guide is 1K (1024x1024 pixels) in texture resolution, which isn't tiny, but because the UV map of the face is quite small (it has to share space with the large neck) 2K would allow for more detail.

[04/06/14 15:42]

Dragon model and pre-made animations made, woo!

Just need to load it all (UV, animations, etc) into the game environment.

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Blender UV unwrapping test image

A UV test image can show how well the UV is unwrapped. As you can see, the UV is currently not unwrapped very well: the squares of the image vary in size greatly. Blender can generate its own test images internally.

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Exporting facial expression morph keyframes

Keyframes in Blender are done. Exporter won't save animation morphs in a single file, so I will have to save multiple mesh files and build interpolation into the game demo.

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Character modelling: texture painting

To judge where to paint the markings on the texture map, the schema could be applied as a texture using Blender. Due to the schema's directional nature, a simple projection might be sufficient. Will try with the profile view.

Update: I didn't end up doing this, but found it helpful to paint a rough guide to the dragon's markings using Blender's texture painting tool. I could then export the unwrapped UV with rough markings to be properly painted in a painting app.

Painting rough markings directly onto the 3D as a texturing guide.

The markings appear on the UV texture image.

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IK Constraints

[24/04/14 14:49]

Right, the IK is good enough for the model. Making test bind pose with basic "neck" armature in a curved pose like the eventual dragon model. A few constraints should make its movement look natural even without rotation.

To Blender!

Current state of IK

Update: rotation works now.

[24/04/14 16:29]

Constraints for each joint should be defined relative to their parent joint, but how should they be defined in particular? The current IK solver doesn't allow "roll" motion for the joints, but each joint still has yaw and pitch rotation. Each joint could therefore specify a bounds, for example: yaw_max, yaw_min, pitch_max, pitch_max.

In the phoxtrace (Update: now "CharSim") IK solver, each frame the best incremental rotation is calculated for each joint in the form of a quaternion based on an axis and rotation. It may be necessary to convert the ...

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