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Real-Time Global Illumination in a Hybrid Distributed Environment

Public Versus Private Cloud for Small to Medium Size Game Developers using a Photorealistic Game Engine

Suitability of general-purpose scripting languages compared with domain-specific scripting languages for programming objects in virtual worlds

Enterprise Systems: Network Management Software (infographic)


Why Do Databases and Database Management Systems (DBMS) Matter in Computer Science?

A summary of the benefits and limitations of using SQL

Surrogate Keys vs. Natural Keys: A Discussion

Are Nulls Evil: A Discussion

A Critical Comparison of Direct3D and OpenGL

A discussion on how the distinction between systems programming and application programming has changed with the increasing functionality of computer hardware and the drive to make computers easier to use


Principles and Limitations to be Considered when Developing for a Mobile Device


Annotations on MMOG Design Articles


How Computer Hardware Has Influenced Computer Games Over the Past 35 Years


A report on the failure of games: How the companies accounted for their failings and what they could have done differently

Creating a 3D asset which reflects the theme "Flight"

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