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New projects & updates

Rook1 (the template for this site) is complete, whew. I've enjoyed getting back into a bit of visual web programming. HTML5 wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be and makes things simpler. I decided not to use the new layout tag labels (section, article, etc) for compatibility reasons, but because the theme is based on another Pelican/Jinja2 theme, some may appear. I will have to decide whether to go all one way or the other.

I could use the HTML5 Shim, but I really want this website to not require any JavaScript.

This blog is currently hosted on a Raspberry Pi webserver (note to hackers: it's actually hosted on a highly secure colocated virtualised server - I wish) running Raspbian (a Debian GNU/Linux-based distro for the RPi ARM architecture) which I am using as a testbed for server and network projects.

Update (2014-10-08)

I'm having trouble hosting the blog locally due to a slow ISP so I'm giving Amazon AWS a try. Its compute capabilities might come in use for The Rookery (see below), though probably not in relation to animation unless the nodes have GPU support.

The Rookery

I have made a new area of the site "The Rookery", which is to be an interface for distributed/cloud-based services and projects. Animations and art are more frequently being made in collaboration by artists over the internet. It would be useful to be able to combine the group's computers for p2p rendering power instead of using a commercial cloud rendering farm.


I am also working on "GalleryTag" (codename), a Python-based framework for keeping track of art and references. Social gallery sites such as deviantART provide tags and similar-picture matching, which are enormously useful. It would be nice to have a local version of such features for your offline art collection, particularly if you have to keep track of a lot of references.

Deciding what would be the best data storage mechanism. Simple serialisation (pickling), relational DBMS or NoSQL?

CharSim cont'd

Obviously. You can see the previous entry for areas I want to work on, though.

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